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    Project 1:
    A group of enthusiastic faculty members and officials presented in the early morning to the green, serene, and calm premises of the Permanent campus, Asulia from Dhaka city. The participant took part in the parade, physical exercise and aerobic exercise session with rhythm.

    Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, Board of Trustees, Daffodil International University inaugurated the program on November 29, 2016 at DIU permanent campus. The program was also addressed by Prof. Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor, Prof. Dr. S M Mahbub Ul- Haque Majumder, Pro-Vice Chancellor, Mr. Hamidul Haque Khan, Murad, and Treasurer of Daffodil International University.
    The program began with national anthem and DIU theme song, Light Acrobatic Exercise with music Conducted by Dr. Kamal Pasha.

    Cardio Care Specialized and General Hospital provided a voluntary medical checkup facilities like: blood sugar test, BP, height weight measurement and advice.
    The Permanent Campus reverberated with this "live" message for looking to the future with developing a positive attitude towards change through team work.
    The idea was launched via team building aerobic exercises in the morning sun and pleasant shade of the open air auditorium. The coordinated exercises were designed to send the message of "Change Together" to all the members of Daffodil Family.

    As educational institutes we are providing the nation with character building student-based services of educating the youth of Bangladesh. So, what "change" could we be looking for? Could it be that we want to find out how our graduates are performing in the job market immediately upon graduation and unitedly work to change this for the better? If yes, what can we do unitedly as a team, giving value and respect to each other, to answer and implement the solutions to the question: What can we do to bring about a positive learning attitude in our students?

    Project 1:
    A group of enthusiastic students from City and Permanent Campus gathered at the Permanent campus in the early Moring. The participant took part in the parade, physical exercise and aerobic exercise session with rhythm.

    Mr. Md. Sabur Khan, Chairman, DIU led the program on December 14, 2016. Vice Chancellor and some other officials were also present on the occasion. In his speech he told “loving thyself, if we love ourselves, we will be able to dedicate contribution for others too. Bees collect honey in the hive for the mankind since time immemorial. They never postpone and are never tired to continue the process. They never hurt themselves and are a good example of team work and change together. Let us be committed to change our life. A good work can change society. If all of us don’t change ourselves and look only at others to change first, how the society will be changed? The Almighty will forgive us when we will be forgiven by the mankind. So we have to change mentality to do harm to ourselves and doing harm to others too. We will be able to love our Almighty, our parents, our society, only when we will love ourselves. The young generation like the students should practice goodness, selflessness, honesty, dedication and determination to change, instead of backbiting, curse, destruction and unclean mentality and action. If we do not use toilets properly and don’t keep the toilet clean for the next user, s/he must curse me; that is also prohibited in religion. Do we ever think, how much curse we are gathering by our ill-deed form people every day we come in touch with? With your good health and mentality, I wish you will lead this process of changing the society through your action.”

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